Nikon D3200 with Tamron 18-200mm Lens

Quick Overview


  • Nikon 2 Years India Warranty
  • 2 Year Nikon India Warranty
  • 24.2 Megapixel
  • Tamron A14 AF 18-200 mm F/3.5-6.3 XR Di-II LD Aspherical (IF) Macro Lens Kit
  • ISO 100-ISO 6400 Sensitivity
  • DX Format CMOS Image Sensor
  • 3 inch LCD Screen
  • 1/4000 to 30 Second Shutter Speed
  • EXPEED III Image Processor
  • 1080p Full HD Recording
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  • SUPC: SDL212591003


With 24.2 mega pixels Nikon D3200 has amazing features like continuous shooting mode, metering method, Wi-Fi connectivity, 3 inch LCD display and full HD recording. Moreover, with ISO range of 100-6400, which is further extendable up to 12,800, the DSLR allows you to click quality images in even extreme low light conditions. Available also in Red colour, this DSLR by Nikon comes with a 2 year Nikon India warranty.

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24.2 Mega Pixels

With 24.2 mega pixels Nikon D3200 gives the images with very high resolution. It does more than enlargement with perfect pixel count. In other words, there are photographs that you want to get enlarged but possibilities are also there that you would want to trim or crop a particular aspect of your image zooming it further after having clicked it. With 24.2 mega pixels in this DSLR by Nikon, this should not at all be a problem.

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EXPEED 3 Image Processor

Nikon D3200 uses EXPEED 3 image processor, which is the latest version of the image processors developed by the house of Nikon. It gives you a speedy image processing with no compromises on the quality aspect of the photograph that you clicked.

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ISO Sensitivity 100-6400

With the ISO range of 100-6400, Nikon D3200 enables you to click the best quality image, using even the power of the lenses, in a very low-light conditions. You can also expand your ISO range to 12,800 to get a clear image in an extreme low lighting condition. So with this amazing DSLR, you do not have to bother about the light exposure that your camera is getting.

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Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Nikon D3200 is Wi-Fi enabled and therefore you can now easily share your favourite images to your iPhone and iPad which is compatible and runs on the Android OS. Using the WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter, this DSLR brought to you by the house of Nikon allows you to share your images instantly. Prior to this, you just need to install the Wireless Mobile Utility application.

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Continuous Shooting Mode

Nikon D3200 certainly gives a professional touch to your photography. But apart from this, there are innumerable amazing features that make DSLRs what they are. One such feature in Nikon DSLR is the continuous shooting mode feature. Therefore, with continuous shooting feature mode you can click 4 frames per second. In other words, this amazing DSLR brought to you by Nikon enables you to click every particular frames of a particular action or event.

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3 inch LCD Display

Watching your images right after having clicked it is a sheer joy of photography. So now, after having clicked your images with Nikon D3200, you can instantly that how do the picture that you have clicked look like. You can immediately judge out whether you clicked an appropriate image or do you need to click it once more. With 9,21,000 dots you get to see a high resolution image with perfect brightness adjustment.

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Full HD Recording with Stereo Sound

At 1080p at 30 fps Nikon D3200 enables you to record full HD quality video. So with the amazing different features of this DSLR camera by Nikon, the full HD recording is certainly an added advantage. You can now record your own movies and with HD quality you will always keep on loving watching your favourite videos that you have recorded.

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1/4000 Shutter Speed

Well! In photography, it totally depends up on what are you clicking. But one thing is for sure that with Nikon D3200 you broaden your perspectives of photography. A normal camera cannot click the beauty of a racing Horse or the wings of a Hummingbird for that matter. But with 1/4000 of the shutter speed in this DSLR brought to you by Nikon, you can actually click the drops of rain, or a racing car or any such thing that our eyes cannot catch. Just give it a try and you will really feel the excitement.

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Metering gives you the freedom to control the exposure of light when you are clicking. Now it is totally up to you that which area of your subject you want to keep your focus on. And with the available metering modes like matrix, centre, spot and 3D colour matrix metering in Nikon D3200, you can set your shutter speed to click the image that you desire to click.

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Auto White Balance

White Balancing is an important aspect that you must consider while buying a DSLR. That is paramount to retain the true colour and quality of an image. With the varying light conditions while clicking, the light temperature tends to change. With Nikon D3200 you do not have to bother anymore about the changing light temperatures. It comes with automatic White Balancing where adjusts with the changing light temperatures. So now, whether it is shade, sunlight or a cloudy weather for that matter, you can always capture your image in its true colour and quality respectively.

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Vibration Reduction

You might have observed many a time that when we click a particular photograph, due to some amount of movement of the hands or the subject on the other side, you end up clicking a blurred shot. With Nikon D3200 this won?t be a problem. It consists of the Vibration Reduction feature that takes good care of all sorts of vibration while getting ready to click a snap.

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Two Year Nikon India Warranty

You buy Nikon D3200 online at and you get a two year Nikon India warranty which covers any sort of manufacturing defects in your camera. Therefore, in case your camera gets in to some sort of manufacturing defect, you can visit along with your Nikon DSLR to any of the Nikon service centres across India.

Colour Availability

Nikon D3200 is also available in Red Colour other than the common Black colour.

Lenses Available

While buying Nikon?s DSLR on, you can also choose to buy lenses from the available combination. So get going to select your favourite lenses.

?         18-105mm lens

?         18-55mm + 55-200mm lens

?         18-200mm lens

?         18-55mm + 50mm lens

?         18-55mm + 35mm lens