Prestige PAP 2.0 Portable Room Air Purifier (White)

Quick Overview

Product Description
You can?t control the quality of the air outdoors, but you can control the quality of the air you breathe indoors. With the Prestige PAP 2.0 air purifier, you can safeguard your family?s health as it effectively filters out the harmful pollutant particles like dust particles, bacteria, and viruses and emits clean and purified air.
Advanced Four-stage Filtration

Thanks to this air purifier?s four-stage filtration process, you can stay assured about the quality of the air you breathe in indoors. The pre-filter removes dust, dust mites, pollen, hair, cotton fiber and other large particles from the air. The HEPA filter removes bacteria, viruses, and particulate matter. The carbon filter removes bad odour, harmful gases and smoke from the air. The Ioniser, on the other hand, sends out a stream of negative ions that attract the positive dust ions and allergen particles in the air and make them inactive.

Timer Function

There's no point of switching on the air purifier when no one's at home. To ensure effective performance, this Prestige air purifier comes with a timer function which lets you program it depending on your need.

Three Speed Control

With three-speed control levels, this air purifier lets you set the air delivery speed depending on your comfort.

Air Quality Indicator

This air purifier comes with an air quality indicator which smartly changes the color of the indicator when the quality of the air changes.

Smart Air Flow Control Sensor

You don?t have to manually select the speed of this air purifier as it comes with a built-in air quality sensor which determines the ambient air quality and sets the most appropriate speed.

Filter Alert

You don?t have to set reminders to change this air purifier?s filters as it comes with a replace filter alert which reminds you to change the filter when its efficiency is reduced.

Powerful Motor

Thanks to this air purifier?s powerful motor, it helps deliver high airflow and covers more area.

Child Lock

The Prestige PAP 2.0 air purifier comes with a child lock feature that prevents your little one from accidentally switching off the appliance.

In The Box
    • 1 air purifier
  • Brand
    • Prestige
  • Model Name
    • PAP 2.0
  • Type
    • Room
  • Filter Type
    • Pre-Filter, HEPA, Activated Carbon, Ionizer
  • Color
    • White
  • Material
    • ABS
  • Coverage Area
    • 325 sq ft
Performance Features
  • Air Flow Level
    • 3.6 km/hr
  • Number of Speed Settings
    • 3
Convenience Features
  • Indicators
    • Filter replacement indicator, Air quality indicator
  • Portable
    • Yes
  • Silent Mode
    • Yes
  • Child Lock
    • Yes
  • Timer
    • Yes
Power Features
  • Power Consumption
    • 45 W
Additional Features
  • Noise Level
    • 55 dB
  • Width
    • 32 cm
  • Height
    • 52.3 cm
  • Depth
    • 20.6 cm
  • Weight
    • 7 kg