Maharaja Whiteline Quato - Quartz Room Heater

Quick Overview


Winter season is fast approaching and it's time get ready to face it. Other than wrapping in extra woolen blankets, a wise choice could be to get a room heater. So get this quartz room heater from Maharaja Whiteline and heat different rooms of your home to fight the freezing cold.

Smart and compact

This smart and compact room heater warms up an entire room, making it the most versatile heating choice. It is certified by ISI, so you can be sure of its durability.


One of the advantages of this room heater is its portability because you can easily carry it from one room to another and enjoy customized heating.

Two Heat Settings

This room heater features two heat settings, so you could adjust to 400W for lower and 800W for higher temperature in your room.

Tip over switch

The room heater also does not require any installation, you just need plug-in and it will start working instantly. The tip-over switches allow you to adjust it according to your convenience.

Quartz Tubes

Since this room heater comes with quartz tubes, you need turn it on to get its full effect. The temperature of these quartz tubes is higher than that of other heaters, thus making it a durable option.


This room heater will not only heat the room but also helps optimize energy consumption.

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  • Brand
    • Maharaja Whiteline
  • Model Name
    • Quato - Quartz Heater
  • Model Number
    • Quato - Quartz Heater